Research support
Apart from the facilities and support the faculties organise, at university level the following support is available for researchers at the Open Universiteit.

Open Access publishing
Open Access stands for free access to scientific information such as publications and data in order to make research online available to everyone. At the Open Universiteit Open Access publishing is the standard. Researchers are supported in finding Open Access opportunities and if necessary funding.
Read more on the Open Access publishing support the OU offers their researchers (in Dutch).

Research portal
Research output of all kinds are included in an institutional full text open access repository. This database collects scientific publications such as articles, books, conference proceedings, but also activities that are relevant for society, such as lectures and media appearances of by researchers of the Open Universiteit. They are made accessible through the research portal. The OU is taking into account national and international developments such as the 'Recognition and Appreciation' (Erkennen en Waarderen) programme of the Dutch universities.
Visit our research portal

The Open Universiteit encourages all researchers to create an ORCID ID. Since 2020 ORCID is synchronised with Pure, the institutional open access repository, and researchers can connect their ORCID ID to their Pure profile.
Read more on the ORCID ID (in Dutch).

Grants: grant officer
Internationally research financing from institutional funds (1st money stream) is under pression. The Netherlands are still escaping a little bit from this tendency, but also in this country the importance of government and industry financing (2nd and 3rd money stream) will increase. The Open Universiteit is aware of this evolution and offers its researchers support when writing grant proposals. Read more about the grant support (in Dutch).

Research Data Management: data stewart
The Open Universiteit supports researchers in writing a data management plan, that takes into account data management when preparing a study, during the study (collecting, saving and using data) and after the study (archiving research data).
Read more on the Research Data Management support (in Dutch).

Project Office
The Project Office (ProjectBureau), in close collaboration with the faculties, administers the financed projects of the university (1st, 2nd and 3rd money stream). Its involvement in the projects starts in the proposal phase.  

Graduate School
All PhDs (internal and external) of the Open Universiteit, become member of the Graduate School. The Graduate School organizes courses and workshops for PhD's.
Go for more information to the website van de Graduate School (in Dutch).

Integrity and ethical assessment
All research taking place at the Open Universiteit is subject to the Dutch regulations and codes on ethics and scientific integrity. Researchers who have questions about (the necessity of) ethical assessment can contact the Commissie Ethische Toetsing cETO. For more information on the Commissie Ethische Toetsing cETO, go to the cETO website. 
OU-researchers who have questions or doubts about the scientific integrity of their own or somebody else's research can contact the commissie Wetenschappelijke integriteit. Read more on the Commissie Wetenschappelijke integriteit (in Dutch).