On this public web page, the Open Universiteit presents information about how it complies with European privacy legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)). Just like any other European institution that processes personal data, the Open Universiteit is subject to the GDPR.

The processing of personal data by the Open Universiteit is supervised by the Data Protection Officer for the Open Universiteit: Ms. S.E.M. van der Westen, LLB (email:, telephone: +31 (0)45 576 2431). She has been registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

Privacy Statement

On this web page, you will find the Open Universiteit Privacy Statement, in which we describe the principles that the Open Universiteit adheres to when processing personal data.

The persons whose personal data are processed are referred to as data subjects. The Privacy Statement specifies which personal data the Open Universiteit processes for each category of data subject. The Open Universiteit is required to have bases and purposes for the collection of personal data. These bases and purposes have been specified for each category of data subject too.

The Privacy Statement identifies the following categories:

  • Interested persons (education funded under the Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek (WHW)) and non-government funded education);
  • Students (education funded under the WHW);
  • Contract students (non-government funded education);
  • Alumni;
  • Staff;
  • Academic research.

The Privacy Statement explains the various personal data processing operations that the Open Universiteit carries out. The Privacy Statement also sets out the rights of data subjects.

Privacy Statement of the Open Universiteit

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Prof. Dr. T.J. (Theo) Bastiaens (Rector)
Dr. M.M.N. (Nicole) Ummelen (Chair of the Executive Board)
Mandated: Ir. J.G.M. (Jan) Jansen (Managing Director IT and Facility Services)

The Open Universiteit regularly adapts its information provision to reflect new possibilities and new information needs. If these changes affect the processing of personal data, the information on this page will be updated.