null Certified Professional Course Anthrozoology


Certified Professional Course Anthrozoology

  • Your Academy
  • 5 EC
  • English language
  • Diploma
  • Starts continuously from September 9, 2021
  • 5 EC
  • € 995,-
  • Completely online
  • In cooperation with IAHAIO
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The modules in Anthrozoology are offered by the Open University of the Netherlands and IAHAIO. The modules are a series of short, theme based learning blocks for professionals that are already working with animals, and for anyone who is new to the fascinating field of Human Animal Interactions.

Voor wie is de opleiding bedoeld?

Intended for
This course is for professionals and people with interest in the human-animal relationships and in animal assisted interventions.


The module is a cooperation between the Open University in the Netherlands and the International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organizations.
Open University
The Open University is the leading part-time university in the Netherlands and Flanders, offering high-quality, personalised and interactive online education, reinforced with socially relevant research, and contributing to the innovation of higher education. As a publicly funded university, the Open Universiteit has been assigned a unique role within the higher education system of the Netherlands. Openness is ingrained within its DNA; it stands for the continuous study, improvement and development of new teaching methods and techniques, along with sharing knowledge and experience. In its teaching and research, the OU makes intensive use of the possibilities afforded by the internet. Personalised and interactive online education lies at the core of its educational model.
Your Academy
Your Academy is part of the Open University and your partner for post-initial education. Our Certified Professional Programs offer practice-oriented educational courses at an academic level. Theory and practice come together and this allows you to directly apply the learned theory in your own work.
The International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) is the global association of organizations that engage in practice, research and/or education in animal assisted activity, animal assisted therapy, and service animal training. These activities serve to promote pet ownership, the human-animal bond, and respectful approaches to engaging with animals. IAHAIO has over 100 multidisciplinary member organizations and professional associations globally such as the AVMA, AAHA, JAHA, WSPA, and AAH-ABV in the veterinary medical field, the HABRI Foundation, ISAZ, and a wide range of academic centers, AAA and AAT practice organizations. The very large cadre of member organizations strongly positions IAHAIO to lead the HAI field in important directions.
Your Academy and IAHAIO collaborated to develop 9 unique short courses related to Human Animal Interactions. Each module covers a salient theme in practice and research on human-animal interactions. If you are new to Anthrozoology, or you need to complement your understanding and abilities in this field, these modules are suited for you. You will get a good grounding in key topics that are taught at an academic level. You can register for each module separately or opt for the Certified Professional Program Anthrozoology, which offers an attractive package price and a diploma upon completion.


Study Duration
This whole package requires approximately 140 hours of study; including reading, answering questions, and writing an assignment. You can study in your own pace, but with a maximum of 6 months. After this period, your registration will expire.


Entry Requirements
There are no restrictions for admittance.


Registration conditions
Please read our registration conditions (available in English) first.


Starting moment
You can start at any time you want (after mutual consultation).


Sign up
For each registration with the Open University, a participant has to create a username. This also applies to this course. We ask gender, date of birth and place of birth for this registration, because this way we can link the username to a unique person. We have set up this check for every form of enrolment/registration at the Open University. 
Registration is possible by pushing the red button 'Aanmelden' on this page. 
If you don't have an OU account, then first registrate at mijnOU (top right on this page) and use your emailaddress als your username. Please click on the link to get an English registration manual and guide to change the language in the learning environment yOUlearn.


Price information
This Certified Professional Course exists of 9 mini courses that can be followed separately and paid online for an amount of € 125,-. You can also order the 9 mini courses as a total package for the amount of € 995,- (a reduction of € 130,- on the total price of the 9 individual mini courses). For the total package you will receive an invoice by mail.

Tax deductibility

Do you pay the fees yourself? Then the costs may be deductible from your income tax.
In the Netherlands for private individuals a maximum deduction of € 15,000 is possible, with a threshold of € 250.-. For more information please access the website of the tax authorities and look for: study costs.



The Lifelong Learning Credit (LLLK) discount scheme does not apply to Certified Professional Programs.



The Open University Course Fee Discount Scheme (KCOU) does not apply to Certified Professional Programs.


On successful completion of the study tasks and the assignment of the individual mini courses you will receive a certificate by The Open University of the Netherlands and IAHAIO. This certificate will list your name, the name of the module, the themes you covered, and the minimum time investment required to complete the module.. 
On successful completion of the study tasks and the assignments of the total package of 9 mini courses you will receive a diploma by The Open University of the Netherlands and IAHAIO. This diploma will list your name, the names of the mini courses, the themes you covered, and the minimum time investment required to complete the package.
So if you follow the total package with succes, you will be awarded by 5 EC's!
Please note that only the assignment will be graded by a professor. For the study tasks in the online learning environment you will receive typical model answers to compare your own answers with. You will receive this automated feedback by pressing the button under the space where you can type you answer.


If you would like more information by mail, phone or Whatsapp about this specific program, or in case of a group registration or an in-company track please contact our Team Professional Programs by pushing the red button 'Contact' on this page.