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The output of the Department of Informatics can be categorized als - publications - tech reports - software


You will find the publications of the Department of Computer Science in the OU Research portal

Tech reports

These are the technical reports authored by members of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Information Science.

On the validation of an evaluation framework: assessment by experts
Tamara Högler, Johan Versendaal

Non-Quantitative Modeling of Service-Oriented Architectures, Refactorings, and Performance
Marko van Eekelen, Arjan Lamers, Sung-Shik Jongmans

On the validation of the initial step of an upfront system implementation evaluation framework: the fire brige casead
Johan Versendaal, Tamara Högler

On the validation of an evaluation framework: the case of Nursemapp
Johan Versendaal, Tamara Högler, Ronald Batenburg

Methodical Concurrency Design in Education Part one: Race conditions
Lex Bijlsma, Harrie Passier, Harold Pootjes, Sjaak Smetsers

Methodical Concurrency Design in Education Part two: Deadlock
Lex Bijlsma, Christoph Bockisch, Harrie Passier, Harold Pootjes

Security of Online Banking Systems
Sven Kiljan, Koen Simoens, Danny De Cock, Marko van Eekelen, Harald Vranken


The following software, developed within or under supervision of the CS department, is deemed sufficiently mature for public release. It is available free of charge for non-commercial use, under the GPLv3 license (an open source license). Libraries used may be licensed differently. For each entry, a local copy is provided. For some student projects, an open repository is additionally provided.

  • Ideas framework (download page)
    A framework for creating intelligent software tutors for on-the-fly feedback.
    Developed by: Bastiaan Heeren, Alex Gerdes, Johan Jeuring.
  • Text-deblur (download page)
    A plugin for the GIMP graphical editor of the motion-deblurring algorithm optimised for text by Pan et al. (paper + matlab code)
    Developed by: Else van Schaijk, Ton Poppe.
  • FP-Block (download page, GitHub repository)
    A Firefox plugin that ensures users have different fingerprints on different sites, thereby preventing fingerprint-based cross-domain tracking (ESORICS'15 paper).
    Developed by: Christof Ferreira Torres.
  • php-bibHTML (download page)
    A tool that generates a publication webpage out of a .bib file.
    Developed by: Hugo Jonker.