Introduction to the webpage Personal data - disclaimer

Introduction to the webpage Personal data - disclaimer
On this public web page, the Open University of the Netherlands presents information on how it complies with European privacy legislation (General Data Protection Regulation). Like all institutions in Europe that process personal data, the Open University is subject to the GDPR. The documents are in the Dutch language.

The processing of personal data by the Open University of the Netherlands is supervised by our Data Protection Officer (DPO) Ms. S.E.M. van der Westen LLB (e-mail:, telephone 045- 5762431). Our DPO is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Information security and privacy policy

On this web page you will find the Open Universities Privacy Statement in which we describe the principles that the Open University adheres to when processing personal data. You will also find a Disclaimer in which the Open University explains the way in which it has set up its public websites.

Open University Privacy Statement


The persons whose personal data are processed are referred to as Data subjects. To be able to comply with article 30 of the GDPR, we describe among other things of which categories of Data subjects we will process which categories of personal data, what basis we have for these processing operations, how long we retain that personal data and with whom we share these personal data. We present this information in a Record of processing activities (required by Article 30 of the GDPR). Given the size of that Record, the Open University achieves this by a number of so-called Data Registers. In each Data Register we present the information about the processing of the personal data of a group of Data subjects that have the same legal relationship with the Open University (see below). The meaning and layout of all these Data Registers is described in the document: Leeswijzer Dataregisters.

Leeswijzer Dataregisters

Data register Student active

Data register Student not active

Data register salaried Employee

Data register not salaried Employee

Processing responsibility:
Prof. Dr. T.J. (Theo) Bastiaens (Rector magnificus)
Dr. K.L.L.M. (Karl) Dittrich (Chairman a.i. of the Executive Board)
Mandated: Dhr. J.G.M. (Jan) Jansen (Directeur ITF)

Contact Data Protection Officer:
Ms. S.E.M. (Saskia) van der Westen LLB

The data processing of the Open University is regularly adapted to new possibilities and new information needs. Insofar as these changes affect the processing of personal data, the information on this page will be updated accordingly.