Ethology is the fourth of the modules in Anthrozoology that the Open University of the Netherlands and IAHAIO offer.

The modules are a series of short, theme based learning blocks for professionals that are already working with animals, and for anyone who is new to the fascinating field of Human Animal Interactions.

Study Goals

In the module Ehtology you will learn about:

  • The origins of and different directions in Ethology
  • The contribution of Ethology to research and practice in the field of Human Animal Interactions
  • Doing Ethology: ethograms and matrixes.

Study Load

This module requires approximately 16 hours of study; including reading, answering questions, and writing an assignment. You can study in your own pace, but with a maximum of 12 months per module. After this period, your registration will expire.


On successful completion of the study tasks and the assignment you will receive a certificate by The Open University of the Netherlands and IAHAIO. This certificate will list your name, the name of the module, the themes you covered, and the minimum time investment required to complete the module.

Please note that only the assignment will be graded by a professor. For the study tasks you will receive model answers. You will receive this automated feedback upon e-mailing your own work to the e-mail address provided in the module.


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