cETO Contact

For questions regarding ethical assessment, please contact:

For submitting an ethical application, please visit the cETO portal:

Consultation hour:
The cETO has a consulation hour every Thursday between 13.00 - 14.00. You can either walk in room 2.40 Milton Keynes or join online. Don't hesitate, we are happy to help you!

The members of the cETO

Board members:

  • Chair: Ms. dr. L. Mercken (Psychology)
  • Vice chair: Ms. dr. M. Quint-Fens (Academic Affairs)
  • Privacy officer: Mr. M. Adriolo LLM (Legal Affairs)
  • Legal advisor: Ms. A. Soons-Koopman LLM (Legal Affairs)
  • Secretary: Ms. dr. E. Muravyeva (Academic Affairs) / Ms. dr. M. Quint-Fens (Academic Affairs)
  • Secretariat: Ms. N. Delnoy (Academic Affairs)

Review members:

  • Mr. dr. K. Banihashem (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. prof. dr. C. Bolman (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. J. Boselie (Psychology)
  • Ms. prof. dr. M. Caniels (Management Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. F. Dehue (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. O. Firssova (Educational Science)
  • Ms. prof. dr. R. de Groot (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. N. Gunther (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. F. Hermens (Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. E. Heynen (Psychology)
  • Mr. dr. R. Leontjevas (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. C. Maathuis (Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. J. Reijnders (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. M. Spronken (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. V. Thewissen (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. S. Vogel (Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. K. Xu (Educational Sciences)

The cETO is also part of several local and national networks:

  • National Ethics Council for Social and Behavioural Sciences (Nethics)

The aim of the Nethics is to formulate joint principles and values for all associated university faculties and research institutes. In addition, the Nethics promotes new knowledge development and exchange. The Nethics also represents ethics boards at national and international organisations, including the government and funding agencies.