About the OU Graduate School


The mission of the Open Universiteit Graduate School (OUGS) is to facilitate an optimal development, schooling and supervision of PhD's at the Open Universiteit. The OUGS strives to do this by:

  • developing and offering courses for PhD's and supervisors;
  • keeping the PhD's updated about developments in the PhD traiectory at the OU (e.g. throught the OUGS portal and the news letter);
  • keeping the supervisors updated;
  • organising a digital meeting place where PhD's and supervisors can meet (online) and can learn from each other.


Dean OUGS:
Renate de Groot
professor at the faculteit of Educational Sciences

Representative internal promovendi:
Inge Marcelissen
Faculty of Psychology
Representatieve internal promovendi:
Piet van Tuijl
Faculty of Psychology
Representatieve external promovendi:
Pieter Reijneveld
Faculty of Management

Administrative support:
Han Roffelsen, policy advisor
  Administrative support:
Marina Pongraz, secretary