Autolink (2022-2023)
Automated unobtrusive techniques for LINKing requirements and testing in agile software development.

Software practitioners struggle with specifying requirements and testing, especially in agile development settings, where the short and frequent iterations motivate developers in taking shortcuts to allow for timely releases. A common outcome is low-quality software. Some researchers already cry out for an urgent need to change, arguing that the poor software quality nowadays is a sign of the "coming software apocalypse".

As a concrete step toward high-software quality, the AUTOLINK project explores the synergies between requirements engineering and software testing and aims at their seemingly integration into agile contexts. Requirements engineering and software testing are currently two largely distinct communities; combining them is an important step to tackle software quality problems. AUTOLINK will propose techniques that assist practitioners in increasing the quality of their software by testing it against the requirements, in an unobtrusive manner and with low cost and effort.

Supported by: NWO
Participating CS members: Tanja Vos