Thesis coaching
The capacity group of Information Science is responsible for the accredited Master of Science program Business Processes and Information Technology (BPMIT). The program is very successful. But a consequence is, that coaching master thesis projects is requiring more capacity than the group can reasonably supply. For this reason external thesis coaches are sometimes hired to provide additional support. This text explains how we recruit new thesis coaches and what requirements these people must meet.

Requirements for tutors

Thesis coaches supervise students, guide their research, answer questions, give timely feedback and provide a timely assessment proposal to the examiner. The examiner remains ultimately responsible for this assessment. To fulfil this role well, the thesis coach must be able to guide (a group of) students, give substantive feedback and act as a mediator in case of problems. The tutor must also have time available to respond in time according to the feedback schedule of the course. This results in the following requirements for the potential thesis coach:

  1. A PhD diploma in a field relevant to the program MSc BPMIT
  2. Wide knowledge of methodological issues
  3. Some didactic / social skills


From time to time we are looking for new tutors. Those who are interested can always apply by sending an email to the programme leader MSc BPMIT containing a substantiation that you can supply the necessary requirements.
People who we consider suitable will be put on a list and will be approached when there is a concrete demand. You will be informed about this. If there is nobody on the list when we are looking for someone we will look further in our own network. If there are several candidates, people with previous experience in coaching our type of student will get preference. Otherwise, lots will be drawn.


A tutor always receives a contract for a single course run.


After a course run, the tutors discuss the tutor's performance and come to a positive or negative assessment. If the assessment is positive, follow-up contracts are possible. In the case of a negative assessment, no follow-up contracts are possible.


Also in the case of extension, a contract is only given for a single course run. This is because the intake of students and therefore the need for tutors cannot be determined in advance.


Contracts are usually awarded for groups of 3-5 students who will do similar assignments in the area indicated by the coach. For a student who finalises the course, a fee of €1750,= is offered. This is based on a workload of approximately 30 hours. For students who drop out earlier, a partial fee will be given based on the stages in which feedback has been given.