Information Science is a research domain which unites computer science (the enabling IT technology) and management science (users seeking effective and efficient application of IT technology). In a sense, the information Science (IS) discipline is a response to the inability on, both practical as well as on a scientific level, to realize the envisioned success of IT applications in a straightforward way. The inherent complexities of combining technological excellence with organization design and governance is seen as a key problem area in the research efforts in our IS department.  

Mission and research lines

The Department of Information Science has defined its mission as "to foster the co-evolution of the application of Information Systems in its environment to the greater benefit of the value creation of organizations, networks and society in general." 

The department has three research lines:

  • Strategic design 
  • Governance
  • Processes research 

All three research clusters are highly interdependent, and therefore it makes sense to study them in harmony to avoid isolated views and risk sub-optimization. (Download the research programme Information Science 2020-2025.) 

Multidisciplinary research program LIRS
The Department of Information Science also contributes to the multidisciplinary research programme Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems (LIRS). The main goal of LIRS is to increase our understanding of the innovative and learning capabilities of resilient systems, with a focus on information and computing systems, organization and management systems and environmental systems. 

The Department of Information Science forms part of the Faculty of Sciences.