null Register before 15th September 2019 for the Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems symposium

Register before 15th September 2019 for the Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems symposium
Early summer 2019 the Faculty of Management Science & Technology of the Open University of the Netherlands announced the 2nd edition of the Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems (LIRS) symposium. The event takes place from 24-25 October 2019 in Heerlen. As there are only a few spots left, a reminder to register before 15th September 2019.

About the LIRS symposium

The LIRS symposium integrates diverse perspectives from multiple disciplines, such as management, environmental science, psychology, and computer science to address some of today’s modern global challenges. Scientists and practitioners from all disciplines are invited to join the conference in a lively transdisciplinary debate on how and to what extent innovations and learning processes contribute to the transition towards (more) resilient systems on multiple levels, be it individuals, organisations, cities, or society at large.

About the program

The symposium consists of keynotes and thematic sessions.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Roman Beck, Full Professor at IT University of Copenhagen and Head of the European Blockchain Center.
  • Jan Jonker, Full Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship at the Nijmegen School of Management at the Radboud University Nijmegen.
  • Mark Reed, Full Professor at the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at the Newcastle University.

An overview of thematic sessions is available to get an even better understanding of the symposium. The schedule makes it possible to network with the attendants.

In case you are interested in the 1st edition of the LIRS, and the feedback of the attendants, please visit the conference page.

About the Open University

The Open University has a high-quality educational offer for those who cannot (or do not want to) study at another Dutch or Flemish university. There are no prior education requirements for the bachelor's program and the education is geared towards studying part-time. The educational model stands for personal and activating online education, with a lot of flexibility for students. The academic programs receive a lot of appreciation from students and experts, for example in the annual national student survey.

Key points in research

The Open University has the statutory task of contributing to the innovation of Dutch higher education through educational research. She has therefore developed into the expert in the field of learning and teaching in a technology enriched environment. In addition, research is being carried out in various other scientific fields. Within the Dutch National Research Agenda, the Open University focuses on three themes: 'digital learning', 'criminal law' and 'learning, resilience and innovation'.

Fee, accommodation and registration

A small participation fee of 150 Euro (students get a 50% discount) is used to cover costs for catering and social events.

If you require accommodation in Heerlen, an arrangement has been made with the local Tulip Inn. Please contact us after registering if you would like to make use of this arrangement.

Please use the registration form to register before 15th September 2019.

The Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems Team is looking forward to welcoming you in Heerlen!