null Pre-flight inspection training using wearable technology

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Pre-flight inspection training using wearable technology

Trials in the WEKIT project have recently begun to check out the feasibility of using smart wearable technology to make training more efficient, affordable and engaging. WEKIT is a European project the Welten Institute participates in. One of the trials took place at the Lufttransport headquarters in Tromsø, Norway from 24 to 28 April 2017. This trial utilises task-sensitive Augmented Reality focussed on the first 10 steps of pre-flight inspection. This inspection is used to determine if an aircraft is in airworthy condition. 


A total of 55 people took part including maintenance apprentices, skilled workers (Mechanics) and technicians working in base maintenance at Lufttransport along with students from the department of Engineering & Safety (IIS) at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway.


WEKIT is a an ambitious European research and innovation project supported under Horizon 2020 to develop and test within three years a novel way of industrial training enabled by smart Wearable Technology (WT). The Welten Institute is one of the partners.

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