Facts and figures

Facts and figures

Key figures

A summary of the Open University in figures.
(Source: Annual report 2018)


Dutch and Flemish student enrolment on 31 December 2018 14.463
New student inflow 4.518
Diplomas (certificates in a legal sense) ..  bachelor degree programmes
..  master degree programmes
Student opinion on the programme in general (according to the National Student Survey) ...
Number of preliminary exams sat 36.666
Number of times students passed a preliminary exam ...
Number of European Credits (EC) for which students registered ...
Number of study points achieved per student (part of the Performance Agreements) ...
Student drop-out rate (part of the Performance Agreements)




Promotions 24
Scientific publications total 591
Open access publications ..
Professional publications ..
Congress contributions/other 723



Scientific staff 300 FTEs
Management support staff 262 FTEs
Total 562 FTEs


Financial key figures

Net assets ... million euros
Operating result ... million euros
Solvency ...%