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Meet the Department of Computer Science

Full professors

prof. dr. Erik Barendsen
professor of Didactics of CS

Learning and teaching
Teaching methodology
Digital literacy
Computational thinking
Pedagogical content knowledge
Context based education
Lambda calculus
Term and graph rewriting
Typing systems

prof. dr. Hans van Ditmarsch
professor of Artificial intelligence
Dynamics of knowledge and belief
Information-based security protocols
Modal logics
Multi-agent systems
prof. dr. Marko van Eekelen
professor of Software Technology
prof. dr. ir. Stef Joosten
professor of Design of Information Systems

Relation algebras
Design-driven development

prof. dr. Tanja Vos
professor of Software Engineering
programme leader bachelor CS


GUI-based testing


Associate professor

Stefano Bromuri

Machine learning
Deep learning
Logic programming
Reinforcement learning

dr. Bastiaan Heeren
head of CS group

Intelligent domain-specific exercise assistants
Improving the quality of type error messages

dr. Arjen Hommersom Probabilistic graphical models
Probabilistic logic programming
Uncertainty reasoning
Symbolic reasoning
AI in medicine
Representation of medical knowledge
Reasoning about medical knowledge
dr. ir. Martijn van Otterlo Reinforcement learning
Knowledge representation
Responsible & explainable AI
Ethics of algorithms
dr. ir. Harald Vranken
programme leader master CS and master SE

Virtual security labs
(Usable) security of on-line banking
Botnet detection with deep-learning networks
Governance of botnet detection
Energy analysis of blockchain consensus algorithms
Resilience of distributed networks
Security of communication protocols for IoT
IoT in smart cities


Assistant professors

dr. Fenia Aivaloglou Software engineering research
Programming education
Systems security

dr. Mina Sheikhalishahi

Machine learning
Privacy in distributed learning
Machine learning for attack detection
Privacy-preserving data analysis
Security & privacy in IoT and Smart Cities

dr. Greg Alpár

Attribute based credentials
Mathematics education
Privacy-preserving technologies

dr. Fabian van den Broek

Mobile communication security
Privacy-preserving authorisation with IRMA

dr. Stijn de Gouw

Formal verification of programming libraries

dr. Frouke Hermens Eye tracking
Machine learning
Research methods
Data science

dr. Jesse Heyninck Knowledge representation
Formal argumentation
Defeasible and non-monotonic reasoning

dr. ir. Sung-Shik Jongmans Formal methods
dr. ir. Hugo Jonker

Browser and phone fingerprinting
Security protocol analysis
Fraud detection
Web vulnerability scanning
Privacy and verifiability of electronic voting and auctions
Smartphone-related privacy
Context-driven privacy and security
Privacy-by-default and enforced privacy

dr. ir. Arjan Kok

Computer graphics
Virtual reality

drs. Josje Lodder Automated logic tutors

dr. Clara Maathuis

AI and military cyber / information operations
Social media manipulation
Detecting disinformation campaigns on social media
Military technologies and conflict
Machine learning
Responsible AI
Artificial general intelligence
Hybrid intelligence

dr. Gideon Maillette de Buy Wenniger Machine translation (syntax, morphology, semantics)
Handwritten text recognition
Deep learning
Computer vision
Scholarly document processing
Machine learning

dr. Joshua Moerman Formal methods
Automata learning
dr. ir. Harrie Passier

Software Quality in Education
Didactics of Computer Science
Feedback in e-learning tools

dr. Ebrahim Rahimi Teaching methodology
dr. Stefano Schivo

Security in IoT
Attack trees
Safety-security interplay

dr. Tim Steenvoorden Programming languages
Functional programming
Compilers and interpreters
Type systems
dr. ir. Sylvia Stuurman

Design for Change
Software Architecture
Design and programming

dr. ir. Alaaeddin Swidan

Didactics for teaching block-based languages
Debugging for block-based languages

dr. Daniel Stanley Tan Defect detection
Image forensics
Crop pest and disease detection
Creative AI

dr. Freek Verbeek Formalisation & verification of binary code



drs. Petra Leeuwestein-Verbeek  

drs. Wietze van der Molen  
dr. Nikè van Vugt-Hage  



dr. Ashish Sai Distributed systems security analysis
Privacy and security analysis of mobile applications
Energy analysis of blockchain consensus algorithms
Static source code analysis
Architecture recovery

dr. Pekka Aho Software test automation
Automated exploration of graphical user interfaces
State model inference
AI and machine learning for testing
dr. Nico Naus Formal Methods
Binary verification
Functional Programming
Programming Languages


PhD students

Luc Edixhoven, MSc Formal methods
Formal language theory

Lianne Hufkens, MSc Testar

Daniel Spaniol, MSc Program Analyses
Low-level code
Formal methods

Olivia Rodríguez Valdés, MSc Testar


External PhD students

  • Raphaela Butz, MSc (supervised by Arjen Hommersom)
  • Feng Luo Xi Chen, MSc (supervised by Stefano Bromuri and Marko van Eekelen)
  • drs. Teresa Consiglio (supervised by Gerrit van der Veer)
  • Niels Doorn, MSc (supervised by Harrie Passier and Tanja Vos)
  • Francesco Gibellini, MSc (supervised by Stefano Bromuri)
  • Benjamin Krumnow MSc (supervised by Hugo Jonker and Harald Vranken)
  • Arjan Lamers, MSc (supervised by Marko van Eekelen and Sung-Shik Jongmans)
  • ir. Vincent van der Meer (supervised by Hugo Jonker and Marko van Eekelen)
  • Andreas Schuderer, magister (supervised by Marko van Eekelen)
  • Martijn Stegeman, MSc (supervised by Erik Barendsen)
  • Koen Weterings, MSC (supervised by Stefano Bromuri and Marko van Eekelen)