Over ons onderzoek

Over ons onderzoek

Focus: ICT and education

The research programme of the department of computer science focuses on ict and education. The research questions come from the field of (distance) education. We try to answer these questions by using and developing advanced ict technologies.
An example is our work aimed at improving the feedback generated by e-learning tools that support the development of tasks in mathematics and logics. For example Logex is a tool to train in rewriting logical formulas into a disjunctive normal form. om het herschrijven van logisch formules naar disjunctieve normaalvorm. The tool provides extensive feefback if a wrong step is executed.

Context: mulitidiscipinary research programme LIRS

The disciplinary research of the department of Computer Science is executed in the context of the multidisciplinary research programmes of the OU, specifically within the Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems (LIRS) programme. The main aim of this multisdisciplinairy programme is to enhance our understanding of the innovative and learning possibilities of resilient systems, with a focus on information and computer systems, organisation and management systems and environmental systems

The LIRS research programme consists of three main themes: Learning, Resilience, and Innovation. The department's research efforts align with this programme as follows:


  • Learning-supporting tools
  • Computer Science education
  • Computer Science didactics


  • Formal verification & testing
  • Security & privacy


  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Group photo (2019)