Your complaint must concern a situation against which no administrative appeal or objection is possible. It must therefore be a situation in which no decision with a legal effect has been made.

This could be:

  • the supervision of a study group or meeting
  • the dispatch of study materials
  • treatment by a tutor or other staff member
  • inadequate or missing facilities
  • the accessibility of facilities or staff
  • the way your question was answered
  • careless handling of correspondence or files
  • the provision of incorrect information.

Complaints procedure

The complaints that are eligible for consideration and the way in which these complaints are handled are regulated by Chapter 9 of the General Administrative Law Act and the Complaints Regulations of the Open University.

Report your complaint to the Complaints and Disputes Service Point using the reporting form below.
Sample complaint

Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee considers a complaint on behalf of the Executive Board and examines whether the parties are able to come to an agreement. If this is possible, the complaint will be settled and you will be asked to withdraw the complaint following the settlement.

The members of the Complaints Committee are appointed.

If it is not possible to settle the objection, the Complaints Committee will advise the Executive Board, after which the Executive Board will decide on the complaint.