You can contact the Complaints and Disputes Service Point to lodge an objection with the Executive Board against a decision made by or on behalf of the Executive Board that cannot be appealed to the Board of Appeal for Examinations.

Decisions affecting students may concern:

  • the enrolment,
  • the tuition fee, and
  • other decisions against which no administrative appeal is possible.

Objections procedure

You must lodge the objection within six weeks after a decision has been published. The manner in which objections are dealt with is laid down in the Regulations on dealing with Student Objections. The objections procedure explains how you can lodge an objection and the conditions that you must meet.

Two examples are available with regard to lodging an objection:
Sample formal notice of objection
Sample full objection

The Disputes Advisory Committee

The Disputes Advisory Committee considers an objection on behalf of the Executive Board and examines whether the parties are able to come to an agreement. If this is possible, the objection will be settled and you will be asked to withdraw the objection following the settlement, using the example below.
Sample withdrawal of objection

The members of the Disputes Advisory Committee are appointed.

If it is not possible to settle the objection, the Disputes Advisory Committee will advise the Executive Board, after which the Executive Board will decide on the objection.