Administrative appeal

Administrative appeal
You can contact the Complaints and Disputes Service Point to lodge an administrative appeal with the Board of Appeal for Examinations (hereinafter referred to as 'the Board').

You can lodge an administrative appeal against:

  • decisions of the Examinations Board or examiners, e.g. exam results and exemption decisions; and
  • other decisions on applications for exemptions or admission to a university Master’s programme.

Appeals procedure

You must lodge the appeal within six weeks after a decision has been published. The appeals procedure explains how you can lodge an appeal, the conditions that you must meet and what the procedure involves.

  • Examples for lodging the appeal, requesting a hearing and withdrawing the appeal:
    Sample formal notice of appeal
    Sample full appeal
    Sample continuation of appeal
    Sample withdrawal of appeal
  • The regular hearings of the Board take place on the dates mentioned in the overview..
  • The overview also lists the rulings of the Board from 2006 onwards. Previous rulings can be obtained from the Board on request.
  • he Board considers appeals in chambers of three or five members. The statutory Rules of Procedure include rules on the composition and conduct of the Board.
  • The annual report lists the cases handled that year, includes all rulings of that year with keywords and compares them with previous years.
  • The members of the Board of Appeal for Examinations are appointed.
  • You can lodge an objection with the Executive Board against a decision made by or on behalf of the Executive Board that cannot be appealed to the Board of Appeal for Examinations.