Open Access publishing support
Researchers are stimulated to publish Open Access. Publications in journals, conference proceedings, books etc and data fall under this policy. All publications are included in a full text digital respository and made accessible through the research portal.

OU-policy: Open Access is the norm

Open Access stands for free access to scientific information such as articles, books, conference papers, but also data. Its purpose is to make publicly funded research online accessible for everybody. Open Access publications are easier to find, are cited more often and reaches a larger audience. This benefits not only science, but also society and the economy ánd the individual researcher. 

The Open Universiteit aims for 100% Open Access. This means that all research output of OU researchers will be online accessible. Read more on the OU policy on open access on the institutional pages of this website.

Tools and support Open Access publishing

The following facilities, tools and support are available for OU reserachers.  

De research portal 

All research output is presented in the Open Universiteit institutional online full text repository and made accessible in the research portal. The output that is available may be the publishers version, or an postprint of preprint version.

The Pure support team

The Pure support team manages and maintains the repository, supports researchers where necessary in uploading their research and validates the content. 

  • If an article is not published open access, the 'preprint' or 'postprint' is included in the repository Pure. During the validation process the Pure support team checks the open access policy of the publisher.  
  • In order to include the ‘version of record’ of a non open acces publication in the repository the researcher can make use of the Taverne agreement in the Dutch Copyright Act (article 25fa). In order to do so they have to indicate that they want to make use of the agreement by signing an end user agreement with the OU. Thereafter the Pure support team checks during the validation process whether the Taverne agreement is applicable and if so when the publication can be made public. The researcher needn't take further action.
    Read more on the Taverne agreement on the institutional pages of this website, or on the national website 'You share, we take care’.

Roadmap open access publishing

In order to help OU-researchers when publishing in open access in a scientific magazine a roadmap has been developed. (Only available for OU researchers).

Open Access deals

Many publishers allow Open Access, if the author pays the publishing costs, the so called Article Publishing Charges (APCs) of BPCs (Book Publishing Charges). The association of Dutch Universities (VSNU) and the association of Libraries of Dutch Universities (UKB) have negotiated deals with publishers on behalve of the Dutch universities in order to increase the possibilities for Open Access publishing. These deals often include discounts (sometimes up to 100%). 

Choosing a magazine

When deciding on which magazine to publish in, it is important to take into account the Open Access possilities. Apart from the hybrid publications (publication that offer an Open Access option) publishers offer an increasing number of full Open Access magazines. You can find them on their websites. So always check if a publication  allows full open access, hybrid open access (APC paid by the author with or without discount) or green open access (the author may only publish his own version, the preprint or postprint in the repository). 

Several tools are availble to check the Open Access possibilities of magazines.

  • DOAJ is a directory of Open Access magazines.
  • The VSNU deals per publisher are accessible on the national open access website. OU researchers that have questions about the VSNU deals can contact the PURE repository manager.
  • The Open Access journal browser presents the most important journals and the Open access possilibities. This tool is an initiative of the Universiteit Wageningen and made available to all University Libraries in the Netherlands. In this browser researchers find information on  the deals of the UKB with publishers, the discounts, the impact factor and other details on the Open Access deal. Also data on co-citations of a publication are included which makes it possible to search for 'similar publications'. And the browser offers other usefull links, for example to the magazine itself or to the Sherpa Romeo database [ Romeo/Sherpa tool ].
  • The website of publishers usually contain pages with information on their open access policy, on (VSNU) deals that are available, and often they offer support in checking if a discount on the APC is applicable. But a publisher can pose a maximum on the number of publication that can make use of the deal. 

A full and updated list of tools is available for OU researchers on the OU intranet. 

Data en open access: data stewart

Open Access is not only about making research articles and books, but also about making research data available. The data stewart of the Open Universiteit can help OU researchers to develop a data management plan .

Open Access Stimuleringsfonds

In spite of the Open Access deals of VSNU and UKB, and the Taverne Agreement, the Author Publishing Costs is not always completely covered. If the author does not have the budget to pay for the APC, they can apply for support from the Open Access fonds van de OU (only accessible for OU-researchers).