Harald VrankenCoordinator: Harald Vranken

The Resilience research line is coordinated by Harald Vranken. The main aim of this research line is to increase our understanding of the capacity of systems to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change so as to still retain essentially the same function. The research line has defined three subprogrammes:

  1. Sustainability
    Addressing the design, management and organization of processes and systems contributing to a more sustainable world.
  2. Services and supply chains
    Addressing supply chains in which inter-firm collaboration and competition takes place.
  3. Trustworthy Systems
    Addressing resilience and trustworthiness of software systems and information systems.

Research topics that are representative of the research line: 

  • energy analysis of computer systems
  • security of on-line banking and smart grids
  • sustainable HRM; sustainable business models for OER 
  • social entrepreneurship
  • supply chain management
  • environmental modelling and risk assessment.

Illustrative publications

Kiljan, S., Simoens, K., De Cock, D., Van Eekelen, M. & Vranken, H. (2017). A Survey of Authentication and Communications Security in Online Banking. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 49(4): article 61.

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Other program research lines

The programme Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems consists of three research lines. The other research lines are: