The faculty Educational Sciences is your partner in innovation and professionalization.

The faculty Educational Sciences offers professionalization, consultation and support, and research in the field of:

  • professionalization of professionals and trainers in education: how can you improve the learning and development of professionals?;
  • educational design, development, quality, information skills;
  • pedagogy (and new media);
  • technology enhanced learning (new learning experiences, mobile seamless learning, open data & learning analytics, social media & network innovations).

Our starting point are the questions that live within your organisation and we collaborate with you towards to find solutions that are relevant for your situation.

Research partner

Are you looking for a research partner for your project or activity? A partner with an excellent reputation and the expertise, facilities and experience to really contribute to your project?

The faculty Educational Sciences is one of Europe’s foremost institutes for research in the field of learning, teaching and technology. The faculty Educational Sciences contributes to European, national and international research agendas.

  • We support outreach activities and community building, such as organising conferences, PhD events and masterclasses, research workshops and other activities.
  • We are active participants in a series of projects in European research programmes like Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, IST, Lifelong Learning, and Marie-Curie. We have a large experience in coordinating this kind of European projects.
  • We collaborate with educational institutions in demand driven projects in order to find solutions for their research questions.
  • And we collaborate with professional universities that want to incorporate scientific competencies in their teacher training programs. With five professional universities we collaborate in offering a scientific minor in their teacher training programme. With one professional university, Iselinge hogeschool, we have organised an Academic Education Atelier in which students of the teaching programme collaborate with primary school teachers in research projects aimed to solve questions and problems that these teachers face in their schools. Researchers of the faculty Educational Sciences supervise their activities.
  • Pre-PhD program for vocational teachers
    The Open University (the faculty Educational Sciences) joined forces with the Professional Association for Trainers in Vocational Education, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the expertise centre for vocational education Ecbo to set up a pre-PhD program. Its purpose is to assist vocational teachers in preparing for a PhD. We do this by providing practical and substantive support to actually start their research. Good preparation also increases the chances of obtaining a PhD scholarship from the Dutch government (promotiebeurs). Download the flyer (in Dutch) for more information. 

Europese projecten

The faculty Educational Sciences collaborates with a large number of international partners. Currently we are in involved in these European projects.

Learning Innovation Lab

The ‘Learning Innovation Lab' is part of the faculty Educational Sciences. It strives for three main goals:

Facilitate research

To enable researchers to investigate processes underlying learning with new technology, we provide different forms of hardware, such as eye trackers, biofeedback sensors, or mobile devices. This part of the labs aims at internal and external cooperation on joint research works. Recent cooperations include:

  • Eye tracking studies for research and usability
  • Bio-Sensor research studies

Maintain an open innovation environment

With this environment we stimulate joint pilots and studies based on the customization of existing software solutions or open source software that has been developed by us. Therefore we maintain a lab environment in which we can realize and test different education scenarios with flexible hardware (Personal Computers, Interactive Whiteboards, Ambient Displays, Tablets and Smartphones, Specific Sensors and Self-Build Hardware based on Arduino) as also the necessary software components, including specific commercial software, as also self-developed open source software frameworks which can be customized and developed further for your specific pilot studies and evaluations. Furthermore we also do technology scouting as recently has been showcased with glassware for Google glass and how this can be used support technology enhanced learning.

  • Cloud-based solutions for classrooms
  • Mobile application development in education
  • Serious games in high education

Dissemination of our expertise and it's use for practitioners

This involves that we make our software developments available as open source formats, but also use them in commercial activities as workshops and trainings. Within these activities we offer workshops on the use of specific hardware(e.g., eye tracking), but also about specific methods and technologies in the context of technology enhanced learning in formal and informal learning (e.g., mobile learning, serious gaming). Moreover, we offer development of specific software for technology enhanced learning scenarios (e.g., Apps) or consultation packages (e.g., on how to set-up an eye tracking study). Recent Workshop and Training Modules include:

  • Social Media in Education
    - Using Twitter and Facebook in and outside the Classroom
    - Personal Learning Environment, How to use them and when not?
  • Mobile Media in Education
    - Developing Mobile Games in Mixed Reality based on ARLearn
    - Mobile Learning what does it help? Best Practices and Methods
    - Inquiry-based learning support
  • Serious Gaming
    - Best Practices in Serious Gaming
    - Developing serious games based on the EMERGO Framework

Products and services

We have developed some products that could be used when answering your questions:

  • Emergo
  • a methodology and toolkit for the development of learning games without frills.
  • The Toolkit Network Learning app
    Toolkit for practical use for teachers that want to start with network learning (In Dutch)
  • The Toolkit instruments for research in practice app (TiP) (in Dutch)
    App that helps choose a research instrument and checklists - for teachers, students and pupils who want to start a research project  
  • Development of practical vocational education and training (OPO):
    a research based step-by-step plan to develop a practice oriented curriculum that guarantees that the resulting curriculum is closely connected with the professional practice.
  • Strategical Advice for Innovation of Training and Education (SAITO)
    an approach to inventory and prioritize strategic choices. This approach helps to make choices and makes clear what steps should be taken to realize the solution.
  • ARLearn
    App to develop and play simple mobile augmented reality games.


The research and development activities from the Learning Innovation Lab have led to a series of apps in a variety of fields. These apps are available through the app stores..

For more information go to the apps page.