Research coördinator: prof. dr. Rob Martens

Within the faculty research and education is organised in four departments:

Technology enhanced learning and innovation (TELI)

Head of department: dr. Roland Klemke


  • Educational games, gamification and simulation-based learning 
  • Mobile and seamless learning design 
  • Multimodal learning experiences 
  • Artificial Intelligence for Education 
  • Educational robotics, computational thinking and STEM-learning

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Online learning and instruction (OLI)

Head of department: rof. dr. Halszka Jarodzka


  • Learning with videos
  • Digital assessment with multimedia
  • Learning strategies
  • Eye tracking
  • Learning analytics

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Social learning

Acting head of department : dr. Emmy Vrieling-Teunter


  • Social learning in small groups
    - Structuring social learning
    - Self- co- and group regulation in social learning
    - Social presence in online social learning
    - Electronic learning environments for social learning
  • Professional Learning Communities and Network Learning

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Conditions for life-long learning

Head of department: prof. dr. Renate de Groot


  • Adult learning in an online environment
  • Biological conditions for learning
  • Psychological conditions for learning

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