Climate change adaptation policy 'lock-ins' in Dutch health care/nature conservation/water sector
Adapting to the worsening impacts of climate change is one of the biggest global challenges, but limited action prevails. Institutions, infrastructures, technologies and societal behaviors appear resistant to change, or 'locked-in'. In your research, you will aim to uncover the dynamics that create and sustain ‘lock-ins’.

You will conduct a case study on one of the following three sectors in the Netherlands: 

  1. the health care sector (e.g. on 'heat stress' or the oak processionary caterpillar)
  2. nature management sector (e.g. on nature fires or migrating species)
  3. the water management sector (e.g. on coastal or inland flood risk management)

You will carry out desk-based document and literature research and you will conduct interviews in Dutch to collect data.

Contact: Prof. Dave Huitema & Dr. Lisanne Groen