Research Learning and Innovation in ICT

The TELI group explores how technology can enhance 

  • online experiential and active learning 
  • support in higher (distance) education 
  • lifelong professional development 

The team does this by:

  • applying quantitative and qualitative research methods from educational science, social sciences, computer science:
  • design-based research, instructional design, prototyping
  • experiments led by needs of stakeholders and in close collaboration with e.g. teachers, students, domain experts, (future) employers, HCI/IT-designers.

TELI looks both at:

  1. Emerging technologies
    TELI explores affordances of emerging technologies for learning and support processes in online higher (distance) education. We explore, design and develop new (prototypical) applications to explore their potential for more efficient, effective and attractive learning and support processes. 
  2. Established technologies
    TELI designs and studies effects of the application of technology-enhanced learning and develops solutions realised with broadly accepted/available/proven technologies. The purpose of this research is to develop practices, tools and methodologies that will benefit online higher (distance) educational practices.