Sense the classroom

Sense the classroom

AI-supported synchronous online education for a resilient new normal

Research line: Innovation of Education
PhD research
Researcher: Krist Shingjergji
Start 2021

Contact: prof. dr. Roland Klemke

Every teacher who gave an online lecture has experienced the severe lack of an understanding of the learning-centered affective states of students in the classroom, thus, missing opportunities to improve the overall learning experience. This also directly impacts individual students. In online lectures, a student is prone to distractions. Since the lecturer cannot give timely feedback to guide the attention on time, the student is left alone to manage his/her learning experience, stay motivated, and struggle not to fall behind during the educational activity.
The project Sense the classroom combines educational technologies, information systems, and AI in order to develop a tool that recognizes non-verbal signals and gives a cue to teacher and student in an actionable way so that they can improve the learning process.


Faculty of Educational Sciences: prof. dr. Roland Klemke en dr. Corrie Urlings
Faculty of Science: dr. Deniz Iren