Toward a safe and resilient city

Toward a safe and resilient city:
Investigating the dynamics of police-bystander conflicts using advanced technologies

Research line: Safety and Resilience in Urban Environments
PhD project
Researcher: Marlie van Bruchem
Start 2021

Police officers are frequently confronted with bystander conflicts, when civilians present but not directly involved hamper police performance during the primary intervention (eg verba land fysical abuse). Often the police is forced to react which might lead to escalation of the conflict. This project investigates how these police-bystander conflicts arise and develop. The study of the conflict (de-) escalation uses among other things real-life footage of CCTVs and body-cams, and virtual reality games. The aim is to develop an intervention.

The project team

  • Faculty of Psychology: Karen van Dam, Karin Proost, Remco van Dijke
  • Faculty of Law: Marijke Malsch
  • Faculty of Science: Clara Maathuis
  • Faculty of Management: Tinka van Vuuren
  • University of Amsterdam/NSCR: Marie Rosegaard
  • TNO: Wim Kamphuis, Roos Delahaij