Burnout’s Lessons in Resilience and Sustainable Development

Burnout’s Lessons in Resilience and Sustainable Development from a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Research line: Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems
PhD research
Researcher: Carmen Verhoeven
Start 2021

Contact: Prof. dr. Sarah de Mul

This project aims to challenge the current – rather negative and stigmatising – perceptions of burn-out by taking a more positive perspective. The research build innovatively on recent approaches of burn-out like ‘post-traumatic growth’ and ‘development experience’ and develop these approaches in a multidisciplinary context. They look at artistic portrayals of burn-out when forming a more people-oriented, sustainable cultural mindset. The second part of the study focuses on sustainable leadeship, HRM, and culture and the link with burn-out. The third part views art as a way to stimulate growth and resilience after a burn-out.


Faculty of Humanities: Sarah De Mul en Gemma Blok
Faculty of Management): Judith Semeijn en Tinka van Vuuren
aculty of Psychology: Karin Proost en Susan van Hooren