Smart Technology Use for Resilient Healthcare
Smart Technology Use for Resilient Healthcare

Developing an Intervention Toolbox to Stimulate Smart Use of Electronic Health Records in Hospitals Using a Multidisciplinary Approach

Research line: Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems
PhD research project
Researcher: Inge Marcelissen
Start 2021

The use of Electronic Health Records (EPD) develops at a rapid speed and the covid crisis probably has increased the speed because of the need for data on COVID-19 and better distance care.. ‘Smart Use’ of EPDs can contribute to lower costs and higher quality of care. Using EPDs demands resilience of care staff and organisations: they need to constantly adapt to new systems and functionalities. This multidisciplinary project studies crucial individual, organisational and technological success factors for ‘Smart Use’ of EDP’s by different groups of care personnel. Based on this knowledge a customized intervention toolbox will be developed to stimulate smart use of EPDs in a hospital setting.

The project team

  • Faculty of Psychology: Maitta Spronken, Annet de Lange en Joris Van Ruysseveldt 
  • Faculty of Science: Rogier van de Wetering
  • Faculty of Management: Jol Stoffers 
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences: Loek Nieuwenhuis