Het team

Het team



Dhr. prof. dr. D. Bams
Hoogleraar Financial Management and Financial Markets

Enterprise risk management
ESG en sustainable finance
Portretfoto Kenneth de Beckker Dhr. dr. K. de Beckker

Financial literacy
Financial education
Personal finance
Corporate finance
Sustainable finance

Portretfoto Frederique Bouwman
Mw F. Bouwman MSc Behavioural finance
Culture and finance
Financial decision making
Dhr. prof. dr. W. Buijink

Externe financiële verslaggeving
Geschiedenis externe financiële verslaggeving

Dhr. S. Derkx MSc Financial literacy
Behavioural finance
Behaviour change
Portretfoto Liliana Dewaele Mw. dr. L.L.M. Dewaele Management control
Incentive systems
Behavioral accounting
Experimental research
Case study research
Dhr. prof. dr. B. Frijns
hoogleraar Finance

Stock, bond, and derivative markets
Behavioural finance
Culture and finance

Dhr. dr. F. Hubers Non-profit management
Management control
Culture and development
Public finance
Impact evaluation
Portretfoto Olga Ihl-Devive
Mw. dr. O. Ihl-Devive Financial accounting
Firm valuation
Mergers and acquisitions
Alternative performance metrics (Non-GAAP and STREET earnings)
Corporate governance
Real effects
Portretfoto Stefanie Kleimeier
Mw. prof. dr. S. Kleimeier Retail banking & household finance
Syndicated lending & project finance 
Sustainable finance
Banking geography
Banking market integration & monetary policy
Mw. prof. dr. K.E.H. Maas Accounting & duurzaamheid
Impact strategie en management
Duurzaamheid en management accounting
Dhr. prof. dr. G.M.H. Mertens Governance
Compensation & incentives
Financial reporting & analysis
Dhr. dr. T. Post

Behavioral finance
Household finance
Pension finance
Pension communication
Solvency II for insurance companies and pension funds

Portretfoto Saeed Sheyki Dhr. S. Sheykhi MSc Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
Employee satisfaction
Big data
Dhr. drs. J.G.E. Spekreijse Finance
Corporate finance
Behavioural finance
Management control
Financieel economische besluitvorming
Onderwijsontwikkeling en -vernieuwing
Casusontwikkeling t.b.v. onderwijs in elektronische leeromgeving
Portretfoto Kristof Strufs
Dhr. dr. K. Struyfs Corporate finance
Sustainable finance
Corporate governance
Dhr. dr. T. Thijssens Sustainability reporting
Sustainable development goals 
Human rights
Stakeholder management
Externe verslaggeving
Dhr. drs. T.M. van Zanten RC

Risk management
Administratieve organisatie
Management accounting
Management control
Accounting information systems
Institutionele theorie