Obtaining a PhD
Welcome to the PhD Program of Open Universiteit. The program consists of two phases: Phase I (one year), and Phase II (three to five years). During the first year, different modules and workshops will be taught. By the end of this phase, participants have written a research proposal under supervision of a field academic experts from OU. The goals of Phase I of the program:
  • Learning to formulate a scientifically relevant research proposal related to one of the research topics of Management and Science (OU)
  • Developing academic skills and an academic attitude, necessary for conducting PhD research.

Types of appointments

PhD candidates can be employed full-time by the faculty, but the faculty also offers aspirant PhD candidates who are employed elsewhere the opportunity to obtain their PhD part-time. These so-called external PhD candidates are not a part of the faculty but their projects are supervised by professors of our faculty. Research questions for a PhD project should match one of the areas of interest of the research programme of the faculty.

External PhD candidates can do their PhD research as a regular external PhD student of the OUNL, in which case they do their research mainly by distance learning, of course in close collaboration with their supervisor and promotor. Once admitted as an external PhD student, they become a member of the OUNL  Graduate School.

The faculty also offers the possibility to choose the part-time PhD program in management. The part-time PhD program combines distance learning with periodic inhouse workshops and meetings.

PhD program

Program objectives

  • To offer you education to equip you for a doctoral research at international standards
  • To provide guidance to successfully write and defend your Doctoral Dissertation within 4-8 years
  • To participate in a dynamic research community.

Program offerings

  • Expert academic supervision by your Dissertation Chair, a Full-Professor or Associate Professor
  • A PhD program and a Capita Selecta educational program
  • Participation in international research networks
  • Access to on-line library facilities and online communities with fellow doctoral candidates.

Program structure

The program is a hybrid of traditional and distance learning. Periodic workshops and meetings are organized to promote discussions with fellow students, experts and professors. In addition, (virtual) academic communities are formed with similar teams of professors, experts and fellow students within your special area of interest/expertise. In combination, these two elements enable you to combine your career and attaining your PhD in a successful, pragmatic and rewarding way.

In Phase I, which lasts one year, we offer an intensive education on methods, literature review, academic and other relevant topics writing to equip you for the actual research. 

Formulating and writing the research proposal is supervised by your intended promotor(s). This proposal is assessed and based on this assessment, a 'go -no go' decision will be made. In case of a positive outcome the student can proceed with the next phase.

In Phase II (the actual PhD project), which lasts three to five years, conducting the research and writing the dissertation are key, but a number of capita selecta courses will be available as well.

Research areas

Research Areas

  • Strategic Management
  • Sustainability
  • Accounting and Control
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • (Inter)organizational Learning
  • Innovation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Information technology/computer science
  • Information System
  • Strategy and business models

Selection criteria

Annually, a maximum of 10 candidates are admitted to the PhD Program. The following selection criteria apply:

Note: an application interview will be held only with the most promising candidates. Your intended promotor should be convinced of your research skills and makes the final decision.

More information

For more information regarding the PhD Program in Management and Science please contact:

Dr. Cosmina L. Voinea
Director of PhD Program

Mrs. Chantal Dewitte
Administrative Assistant PhD Program
Telephone number: +31 (0)45 576 2484

Ms. Danielle Tissingh
Administrative Assistant PhD Program
Telephone number: +31 (0)45 576 2877