Social learning and the climate crisis

Small-scale food production as an inspiration for a sustainable global food supply chain?

Research line: Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems 
PhD research
Researcher: Morgane Batkai
Start 2021

Contact: prof. dr. Dave Huitema

In the discussion about food production, many hopes are pinned on small-scale food production with an orientation towards sustainability (“regenerative agriculture”). However, global environmental change – especially climate change- poses threats to food production in any form. Resilience - the capacity to cope with climate change but also to transform production practices when needed - is a highly sought after commodity. 
Our project is based on the premise that social learning about climate change is the key factor that determines whether small-scale food production will prove to be resilient under climate pressures. Social learning regarding climate change involves processes at multiple levels (the individual, the network, the supply chain). The aim of the project is to better understand the conditions for social learning at multiple levels, and to stimulate the exchange of knowledge regarding climate change between small-scale regenerative food producers and large-scale food producers.


Faculty of Science: prof. dr. Dave Huitema, dr. ir. Jean Hugé, dr. Gibran Vita
Faculty of Management: prof. Janjaap Semeijn, dr. Wim Lambrechts