Resilience and empowerment training

Resilience and empowerment training:  reducing HIV-related self-stigma and promoting well-being of people living with HIV

Thema: Sociale uitsluiting en eenzaamheid

Persons living with hiv (PLHIV) still face stigmatization in the Netherlands. Self-stigma has a negative impact on treatment adherence, HIV status disclosure, psychological well-being, quality of life and other health outcomes. 

The first part of this project consists of a needs assessment in which different studies were conducted (systematic review, large survey study, and a qualitative study) to explore how self-stigma affects PLHIV in the Netherlands. Special attention was paid to men who have sex with men and women with a migration background. 
The second part of our project consists of the development, implementation, and evaluation of a self-stigma reduction intervention. The project is a close collaboration between stigma researchers, PLHIV and the OLVG hospital.

Doe mee

In September 2021 the RESET workshop will be open for participation.

Dit onderzoek is (mee)gefinancierd door: Aidsfonds, Gilead & Viiv

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